Sheil Policies & Procedures

Below is some general information about getting things done at the Sheil Catholic Center:

If you have additional questions, please contact Sheil at or (847) 328-4648.

Reserving Space

Before holding an event at Sheil, contact Teresa Corcoran at or (847) 328-4648. She will make sure no conflicting events are already scheduled.


Event Publicity

There are many ways to publicize your event at Sheil, including:

  • Sheil Week (the bulletin). All information for Sheil Week is due to the office by noon each Tuesday. The staff reserves the right to edit for format and space considerations. If you would like to stuff a flyer into the bulletin, it needs to be pre-approved by the Sheil office, then stuffed on either Friday evening or Saturday.

  • Listserv email. During the academic year, we send weekly listservs during to our community with upcoming events. All information for this is due to the office by noon each Tuesday.

  • Announcements during Mass. Announcements at Mass may be made for activities sponsored by Sheil groups or events occurring at Sheil. Announcements must be pre-approved by Sheil and should follow the Announcement Guidelines listed below.

  • Flyers and posters in the Commons. The Sheil staff and the Communications Committee of the Sheil Steering Council can assist you in creating a flyer or poster to place in the Commons. Please notify the Sheil staff when you plan to post and how long you expect it to stay.

  • Website. Most of the Sheil events that are included in the bulletin are also posted on our Event Calendar online. If you have additional information you would like included on online, please be sure to let the Sheil office know.


Making Purchases & Getting Reimbursed

If you are making purchases for Sheil, be sure to get the tax-exempt letter from Teresa Corcoran prior to doing your shopping.

To be reimbursed, submit your receipts with your name, which event it is for and an explanation of each expense. Reimbursements checks are typically signed each Friday and kept in the main office for you to pick up. If other arrangements need to be made, please talk to Teresa. 


Event Set-up & Clean-up

Those who are planning an event at Sheil are responsible for both the set-up and clean-up of that event. You should make arrangements, including having rooms unlocked and cleaning equipment available, with the Sheil office well in advance.

Full clean-up of an event includes when everything is put away and back where it was before you began, and all rooms are clean enough for another event to immediately begin (this may involve cleaning tables and/or vacuuming).


Announcement Guidelines

Announcements at Sheil provide a great opportunity to let the community know about all the activities happening around Sheil and see the people involved those activities. Announcements take place after the post-Communion prayer, and should follow the below guidelines:

  1. Let the Sheil staff know about the announcement. Email the Tuesday before your announcement. Include the names of people who will be making the announcement, if known, and which Mass(es) they will attend.

  2. Determine the timing and frequency. Announcements should not be made too far in advance, but should also provide sufficient notice for participants to plan accordingly. Do not make your announcement too often to prevent "announcement fatigue." For ongoing activities, consider making an announcement at the start of your event, but then including future reminders in the bulletin or on flyers.

  3. Create the announcement. Your announcement should be 30-45 seconds long and include the “who, what, where, when and why” of the event. Be sure to introduce yourself and, if applicable, your relationship to the sponsoring group; if your event has a sign-up sheet, mention this as well. If you feel you need more time to explain your event, please encourage others to find additional information in the bulletin or to talk to you in the Commons after Mass.

  4. Practice. This will make you more comfortable and ensure smooth transition between announcements.

  5. After Communion, come down to the front of the Chapel. Fr. John or another Sheil member will ask that all who wish to make an announcement come forward. If yours is not the first announcement, sit on the front benches until it is your turn.

  6. Make your announcement. When it is your turn to make your announcement, stand on the top step of the altar so the entire community can see you. Face the assembly and begin your prepared announcement. Remember to speak slowly, clearly and loudly.

Please note that announcements are reserved for the promotion of Sheil-related activities or events occurring at Sheil. Exceptions must be arranged with the Sheil office prior to Mass.

For more information, please email or call (847) 328-4648.