Catholic Fellows in
Church Leadership


Alexandra Urquiola
2013-2014 Catholic Fellow
Fulfilling her leadership role as the
Director of Music at the Sunday 9 p.m. Mass.

The Catholic Fellows in Church Leadership Program is designed for the returning undergraduate or graduate student who demonstrates a passion for and a desire to learn more about a specific aspect of Church Leadership. During the Fellowship year, the student will apprentice themselves to a member of the Sheil staff who will serve as a minister-mentor and take a substantial leadership role in one of the four areas of the Sheil Catholic Center ministries (Liturgy and Spirituality, Community Life, Education and Formation, Service) with the specific goal of gaining both a theological foundation and practical experience in leadership in his or her chosen area. The Fellow may work on already existing ministries or develop new areas of ministry. Catholic Fellows may not participate in the Catholic Scholar’s Program in the same year as their fellowship.

Fellowship areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Cantoring and directing music at liturgy
  • Learning to facilitate and coordinate retreat teams
  • Learning to be a catechist for RCIA
  • Becoming a peer minister or a “Sheil presence” on campus
  • Coordinating Peace and Justice Ministry, Service Learning Trips. and guiding participants in theological reflection
  • Advancing philanthropy and stewardship through a Catholic lens

Being a Catholic Fellow demands a serious commitment of time (at least 10 hours a week) and a desire for the formation necessary to lead others in a specific are of Catholic Church leadership. The Catholic Fellows of CTI experience the joys and challenges of Church ministry. They learn to minister and lead with joy, faith, and knowledge and are prepared to take on initial positions as cantors, musicians, retreat leaders, catechists, service coordinators, and other leadership in specific areas of Church ministry.  

Fellows receive a $2,000 stipend for their fellowship year. The fellowship is paid out in equal amounts for the 3 quarters of the program.  At the moment, two fellowships will be awarded in a given year. Any full-time junior, senior, or graduate student attending NU, who is a practicing Catholic and is willing and able to meet the requirements, can apply to be a Catholic Fellow in Church Leadership in the Christ the Teacher Institute.

(one academic year)

1. Provide substantial and visible leadership (minimum 10 hours per week) in a particular area of Church ministry for the entire academic year

2. Be willing to learn about the area through seminars, workshops, and practical experience. This will normally include participating in two Sheil Seminars (or equivalent as determined by the Director and staff mentor) in the area of leadership

3. Meet with their minister-mentors a minimum of 3 times each quarter

4. Participate regularly in SCC prayer, liturgy, and activities

5. Write a theological reflection on their leadership at the end of the year, including what they have learned and how they will put it into practice.

6. Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.8       

2017-2018 Application Form
Catholic Fellows Leadership Recommendation Form
Catholic Fellows Pastoral Recommendation Form

For more information, please contact Mary Deeley at or (847) 328-4648.