Catholic Scholars Program

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2016 Catholic Scholar Graduates

"More than anything, the Christ the Teacher Institute has taught me how to bring my faith into all aspects of my life. I hope that with the skills I am gaining that I'll be able to not only continue serving the Church but also teach and inspire others to do the same."

Bobby Porter


    • Invites entering or returning undergraduates at Northwestern to engage their faith life as vigorously as their academic life. Catholic Scholars take seriously the commitment to deepen their understanding of faith, pray on a regular basis, serve the needs of others, and provide leadership that is distinctively Catholic. Catholic Scholars are theologically grounded, spiritually alive, articulate in their faith, and joyfully involved in Catholic tradition. 
    • Graduates of this program will be well‐prepared to serve on parish councils, teach CCD, participate in liturgy committees and lead social justice efforts. They will be able to bring Christian principles to their families and careers.  In addition, a cooperative agreement with the Archdiocese of Chicago will allow students to use the CORE seminars to fulfill a formation component for Catholic school teachers.
    • Rising freshmen, sophomores, and juniors apply for a two year program. Rising seniors only may apply for a one year program. Applications for the upcoming fall quarter are available May 15 and due on Aug 25 in any given year unless otherwise indicated on the form. Each participant must be involved and committed to a process of deepening their spirituality and achieving a more mature understanding of their Catholic faith and be willing to participate in the program until requirements are met. The two year program is designed to allow for study abroad or internships off campus if those fall within the 6 quarters. No scholarship money will be given during the quarter off campus.
    • Rising freshmen, sophomores, and juniors in the two year program will receive a total of $5,000 ($2,000 at the end of their first year and $3,000 at the end of their second year. If they take longer to finish the program, the stipend will be pro-rated and they will receive the last amount at the end of the program).
    • Rising seniors in the one year program will receive $2,000 at the end of the year upon successful completion of the program.  
    • Stipends pay for any expenses of the Catholic Scholars Program and provide additional self-earned income to pay for school
    • Students who are accepted into the Catholic Scholars may decline all or part of their scholarship so that others might take advantage of the program.
      • Maintain a GPA of 2.8
      • Three CT seminars (or equivalent in NU courses as determined by the director) in different areas
      • Regular participation in SCC prayer., liturgy, and activities
      • Personal Spiritual Direction
    • Participation in one SCC retreat or participation in a SCC small faith group during the year (30 hours of retreat or bible study
      • Participation in three service projects or SCC Alternative Student Break experience during the year
      • Participation in the theological reflection for all Catholic Scholars each quarter


  • Maintain a GPA of 2.8
  • Four core seminars in theology, liturgy, morality, and scripture plus 2 other elective seminars (or equivalent in NU courses as determined by the director) chosen from the other disciplines
  • Participation in theological reflection at the end of each quarter, designed to help the student integrate his or her faith and learning into the overall life experience as a Northwestern student and a Catholic young adult
  • Regular participation in SCC prayer, liturgy, and activities
  • Personal spiritual direction
  • Participation in at least one retreat or small faith group each year (30 hours of retreat/prayer experience)
  • Participation in a Sheil Alternative Spring Break immersion trip and at least three additional service opportunities. (The latter can be fulfilled with another alternative break trip in the second year). 
  • Take on a leadership role in any Sheil ministry for at least two years.
  • Complete of a final integrative paper in the last year
  • All Catholic Scholars are encouraged to take at least one course in the Catholic Studies program during their undergraduate years, although this is not a strict requirement.

2017-2018 Entering Student Application

Entering Student Academic Recommendation Form

Entering Student Pastoral Recommendation Form

2017-2018 Returning Student Application Form

Returning Student Academic Recommendation Form

Returning Student Pastoral Recommendation Form

For more information, please contact Mary Deeley at or (847) 328-4648.