The Sheil Catholic Center’s Library is located in the first floor study lounge at Sheil. It contains a small collection of both classic and contemporary books, DVDs and videos on topics from the Bible to world religion.

Books and media are available for you to enjoy in the study lounge or check out of the library on the honor system. To check out books and media, record your name and the name of the material in the book on the first shelf.  When you return it, simply cross out your name. For the benefit of all, please return books and other media within a reasonable length of time.

Periodicals are also available in the library, but are not to be removed from the room.

If you would like to donate materials to Sheil’s library, please talk to Mary Deeley first. Space is very limited, and only she can confirm whether we have space for them.

To learn more about the library or to make a suggestion on an item to purchase, please contact Mary Deeley at (847) 328-4648 or