Catholics @ Kellogg

Catholics @ Kellogg was established in 1999 to provide support for all Catholic students within the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University.

Catholics @ Kellogg’s mission is to:

  • Promote dialogue and awareness of the Catholic viewpoint within the Kellogg community — particularly on issues relating to personal and career objectives as Kellogg students and future business leaders

  • Raise consciousness of the Catholic perspective — especially in the areas of business ethics, social justice and individual spirituality — which can provide positive guidance within business and academia

  • Foster a sense of community among Catholics at Kellogg

  • Celebrate the diversity of Kellogg students who share the Catholic faith

  • Encourage Kellogg Catholics to participate in the larger life of the Church

C@K’s spirituality meetings are held regularly and provide great opportunities to share prayer, thoughts and reflections about Catholic faith. We focus on developing a stronger relationship with Jesus through our collective human experience.

To learn more about Catholics @ Kellogg, visit the Catholics at Kellogg website.