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The Insight Group focuses on establishing a one-on-one mentoring relationship by pairing Northwestern University students with a diverse group of professionals from a variety of career fields. The mission of the Insight Group is for mentors to deliver values-based insight to the students they mentor. Check us out at

If you are a student (Mentee):

We need you to fill out a mentee profile form, to help us best pair you with a professional or Northwestern student (if you are an underclassman and would prefer an upperclassman as your mentor) in our network, to be your mentor. The Mentee profile form can be accessed through this link: Mentee Profile Form

If you are a professional (Mentor):

To build our database of Mentors and to best create successful matches between yourself and the student you will be paired with, we need you to fill out the Mentor Profile Form, which can be accessed through the following link: Mentor Profile Form

Any questions can be directed to
Tanisha Patni at