Theology on Tap

Sheil Catholic Center hosts Theology-on-Tap (TOT), a free 4-week speaker & conversation series for Young Adults, 20’s and 30’s, married and single. Sundays at 7pm at the Sheil Catholic Center.

Guest speakers present topics and facilitate discussions for young adults — who often continue the conversation long after the speaker has left. Light refreshments and drinks are available.

Sunday, July 10
“What Would Satan Do?”
Pat Byrnes

Sunday, July 17
“Forgiveness: Going the Extra Mile” Fr. Britto Berchmans

Sunday, July 24
“But I was Baptized as a Baby:
Rediscovering Our Baptismal Call”
Melissa Carnal

Sunday, August 31
“Mass Class:
Understanding Catholic Worship”
Kate DeVries


For more information on Theology on Tap, please visit our Event Calendar or call Sheil at (847) 328-4648.