Ministry of Care/Elder Care

at Sheil Catholic Center

“When the Church cares for the sick
it serves Christ Himself in the suffering
members of His Mystical Body.”
(Pastoral Care for the Sick)

The Ministry of Care program at Sheil Catholic Center is an outreach to those unable to participate in the celebration of the Eucharist because of illness and age.  This ministry allows people to experience the nearness of God through the presence of the faith community and through the reception of the Eucharist.

You can share in this ministry and bring the Eucharist to patients who are homebound, in nursing homes, or in the hospital.  For the Sheil community, this usually means bringing Communion to the Wagner nursing home, Evanston Hospital, and the homes of Sheil associates. It may also be an opportunity to extend service on a one time basis for those that need it – a meal, or a trip to the store. These things are the very heart of Catholic pastoral care.

Students and Associates are welcome to join the Ministry of Care Team. Some training is required. For more information, please contact our coordinator:  Maryann Hoban 847-251-2991

If you would like a visit from a team member, please call Maryann or contact the office: 847-328-4648.



Members of the Sheil Catholic Center regularly visit the residents at the Symphony of Evanston nursing care center. Symphony of Evanston is located just a few minutes from Sheil, and our visits provide companionship, activities and local service to the elderly.

We have many opportunities to work with the elderly, such as one-on-one visits or being a communion minister.

For more information, please contact Tim Higgins at or (847) 328-4648.