Mission Trips - International and Domestic

Mission trips through the Sheil Catholic Center are a great opportunity to put your faith into action by serving underprivileged people around the world. It is also a chance to learn about another culture; grow in your personal faith journey; understand and integrate the principles of Catholic Social Teaching; and to share what you have learned with the Sheil community.

Sheil’s mission trips include:

For more information on any of these Service Trips, contact Tim Higgins at t-higgins@u.northwestern.edu or (847) 328-4648.

Student Domestic Mission To New Orleans - March 18 - 26, 2017
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Hurricane Katrina was more than ten years ago, and today, an estimated 6,000 families still own storm-damaged homes that they cannot afford to rebuild. There are over 100 families on a waiting list in New Orleans - all of them homeowners who still cannot afford to rebuild their homes. The reasons vary from contractor fraud (60%) to insufficient insurance payouts to forced mortgage payoffs to medical issues and other unforeseen circumstances.  Be a part of the Sheil team to help people return home.  Join the ASB service trip to New Orleans.

For more information please contact Tim Higgins, Campus Minister, at
t-higgins@u.northwestern.edu or (847) 328-4648.

Associates' Mission Trip - West Tallahatchie, Mississippi - May 20 - 27, 2017
Applications for the Associate’s Habitat for Humanity Trip to Tutwiler, MS are now available.  Meet your fellow associates, learn basic home construction, and provide meaningful service to an impoverished community in the heart of the Mississippi Delta.  The cost is $350 per person and space is limited.  All applications are due by March 15th.  If you have any questions, please contact Mike Perry at (847)-673-0121 or by email: mfp884@yahoo.com.

Sheil's Associates' Habitat for Humanity Trip takes place in West Tallahatchie, Mississippi. While our primary objective is to build homes for the impoverished, we also immerse ourselves in the neighborhood and its people to learn about their poverty and struggle make a better life. In addition to home construction, we also help out at local schools, community and community health centers.

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