In the Catholic tradition, prayer in both individual and group settings provides spiritual and personal strength. At the Sheil Catholic Center, our community regularly gathers to explore and strengthen its prayer life.

Our communal prayer and faith-sharing opportunities are below. Sheil also has additional prayer opportunities around the Advent and Lent seasons, which will be posted on our Event Calendar.

For more information on any of these opportunities, please contact the Sheil Catholic Center at (847) 328-4648.

Celtic Prayer

Celtic prayer combines communal and individual prayer, meditation, music and the Caim, which is the great circling prayer of protection. This hour-long evening prayer draws on the spiritual traditions of Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  

Celtic prayer is held once a quarter during Northwestern University’s academic year. Check our Event Calendar for upcoming dates and times.

For more information, please contact Mary Deeley at or (847) 328-4648.


Evening Prayer

Evening prayer is celebrated during the season of Lent. For more information, please contact Angela Stramaglia at or (847) 328-4648.


Morning Prayer

Will resume in the fall. Derived from the Liturgy of the Hours, morning prayer balances simplicity and silence through the praying of the psalms and canticles.

We invite you to join us and start your day celebrating the richness of this form of the Church's prayer. For more information, please contact Angela Stramaglia at or (847) 328-4648.