Spiritual Direction
(Spiritual Companioning)

The Sheil Catholic Center offers ongoing spiritual support for students or young adults who would like to listen more closely to the voice of God in their lives. In this process of Spiritual Companioning or Spiritual Direction, spiritual companions help students listen to and articulate God’s call in their life — and learn how to respond to that call in love.

Together, you and your companion will look for where God is already present in your life and for ways to grow deeper in the awareness of God’s presence. The goal of spiritual companioning or direction is to help you grow in an effective, conscious and open relationship with God.

Several members of the pastoral staff, as well as priests and sisters from area religious communities, are available to be spiritual companions for students. In addition, area companions or spiritual directors will assist associates for a small fee.

For more information or to find a spiritual companion, please contact Mary Deeley at m-deeley@northwestern.edu or Fr.Kevin Feeney at