Spiritual Direction
(Spiritual Companioning)

At its heart, Spiritual Direction is about just that – looking at the direction in which you are going and asking yourself: “Am I headed toward God or away from God at this time? Is what I am doing consistent with who I am, what I am passionate about, and what God has called me to? How have I responded to the voice of God so far?” The Spiritual Director helps a student listen to, look for, and articulate the movement and call of God in his or her life. It is not the role of the director to tell a student what to do or to solve problems for the student. Instead, the director is a companion in the spiritual life and together, the director and the student look for where God is already present in the life of the student, for ways to grow deeper in the awareness of God’s presence, and for ways in which the student might respond to God’s love and call.

Spiritual Direction, sometimes called Spiritual Companionship, has long been a part of Catholic Tradition. Some other faith traditions might refer to it as “mentoring” or “discipling” someone. Usually, the Director or Companion is someone who has been practicing the faith for a while and is familiar with many practices of prayer, ways of reading scripture, and the joys and challenges of growing in faith.  The primary purpose of any spiritual direction or companioning is to help people grow in their relationship with God as we have come to know him through Jesus Christ and to move in the direction of oneness with God.

Several members of the pastoral staff, as well as priests and sisters from area religious communities, are available to be spiritual companions for students. In addition, area companions or spiritual directors will assist associates for a small fee.For more information or to find a spiritual companion, please contact Mary Deeley at m-deeley@u.northwestern.edu or Fr. Kevin Feeney at